The J.Crew Wedding – What to wear.


Dress in absolute class and style on your big day with J.Crew.

If you’re planning your wedding, Ashley, or any one of

J.Crew’s dedicated wedding specialists can help.

E-mail or call 800 205 3877

Fall 2009 Wedding Colors

May I suggest Papaya, Barely Peach, Spiced Wine, Tawny Brown,

Cypress &/or Vintage Burgandy.

Whatever your preference, however, think bold and rich for your color scheme.


Brides & Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids dresses will often be a large part of your color scheme.

Give them a break by giving them dress style options if you can.

We’re past they day where you should feel that they all need to match identically.

Plus, if any  of them are single, they want to look stunning in their own way. Hook a girl up!

If they look bold and beautiful, they will make you (the bride) shine too!


And for the brides…yes the vintage look is in for 2009, but PLEASE DO NOT OVER DO IT!

Remember, it still is 2009 (aka the 21st century) and you don’t want your big day to become a

themed wedding or costume party. Can you say tacky?

Also, you should feel like a princess but that doesn’t

necessarily mean you have to have a dress the size of Diana’s.

Simplicity while elegant is in, and you’ll also be a lot more comfortable if you can actually move!

Some suggested styles… If you need sleeves talk to one of J.Crew’s experts about alterations.

They’ll understand.


For 2 brides, try coordinating 2 colored dresses that compliment one another.bride1erez-3

Grooms & Groomsmen

It’s either the tux or the three-piece suit for Fall 2009. Either is classy and fully acceptable…

black or pinstripe.

You can keep the accent colors on the men to a minimum.

Again, not everyone in the wedding party has to be matchy-matchy.

A man looks delicious in a good dark suit/tux with neutral accents.



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