Gold Comeback? Really?

JACKIE JORDAN  (Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin Williams)|  Posted on Feb. 21, 2010

Question: Can the excruciating memories of unappealing brass finishes on bath fixtures be banished from your mind to make way for a new perspective on gold?

At the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, I was unexpectedly inspired by the gold plumbing fixtures showcased by Kohler and wondered to myself, “Can this finish really make a comeback?” My answer, without hesitation, is a resounding “Yes!”

The highly appealing and stylish matte and polished gold fixtures had a tone of 24-karat warmth that’s a far cry from brass. The sleek modern designs make them absolutely worthy of consideration. Shown in combination with contemporary honed white basins, I could picture them as the star of the show in a master bath that’s decked out with gleaming black counters and floors, modern white cabinetry, and soft gray walls for a simple, modern appeal, or with watery pale aqua walls to create a tranquil retreat.

I was told these fixtures are a hit in India, but painfully slow to be accepted here in the United States. However, I believe one should have the vision and foresight to not get caught up in sameness. Venture ahead without trepidation ― embrace gold again!



2 thoughts on “Gold Comeback? Really?

  1. Well this is gold done in a chic way so it kinda works – if it was OTT and trashy like most gold furnishings I wouldn’t have thought that way though!

  2. I called it. Gold is fantastic, whether it’s done insanely/combined with velour or used as little accents.

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