Fall 2010 Men’s Fashion: Military

With the 1980s as an inspiration in fashion for the last few years, it is time to step it up a bit, and become more refined. Many designers are introducing a more neutral, 1940s look this fall. In their collections are featured good quality staples like double-breasted jackets, military-styled coats, and boots. The style has a slightly modern edge, is a bit casual, but it looks rich. Everything is still fitting well, and has a sense of strict editing.

Here are some picks from the Fall 2010 Burberry Runway Collection (many pieces actually available in Burberry Stores.)

Photos from Fashionising.com


4 thoughts on “Fall 2010 Men’s Fashion: Military

  1. Ezra Horne says:

    I like these outfits, but as with most fashion, I think it would look terrible on me. Bigger men in military jackets and boots don’t look cute, they look mean.

    • Design Style Daily says:

      I heard yesterday on an interview with Mr. Tom Ford that no matter your size or body-type, you must get certain pieces tailored. There is no way that things we find in the store are going to fit us all the same way. Stopping by your local dry cleaners with a tailor and having them bring in or let out button-down shirts, jackets, trousers, etc will make a world of difference. (And it’s pretty cheap too!)

  2. Ezra Horne says:

    I think photo #2 is my favorite outfit.

  3. always choose dry cleaners that uses organic based cleaning agents and detergent to help the environment,”*

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