Warby Parker: Eyewear that just makes sense.

A New Concept in Eyewear.

“Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to create boutique-quality, classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point.”

All Warby Parker frames are $95 (including prescription lenses.) This is accomplished by the company’s independence. They design their own eyewear and simply market it directly though warbyparker.com. They offer fabulous customer service, as well as free home try-ons.

On top of offering eyewear at a fabulous price, Warby Parker also offers wonderful, vintage style.

Some of my favorite designs…

The Fillmore

The Huxley

The Japhy

The Thompson

All styles are available in multiple colors.

Buy a Pair | Give a Pair: Warby Parker Cares

“We believe that everyone has the right to see. Unfortunately, millions of people around the world today don’t have access to proper vision care. To help address this problem, Warby Parker partners with renowned non-profits, such as RestoringVision.org, to deliver one pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair that we sell. In doing so, we enable you to share the gift of vision with someone who can’t see today and give them the opportunity to read, to work and to live a fuller life.”

Information gathered from warbyparker.com


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