Wedding Colors for Fall 2010

This upcoming season, there is bound to still be a vintage feel to many wedding parties and receptions. However, there is a pull for a modern edge to be added. Let’s first take a look at some colors.

Medium blues like Blue Plate & Major Blue

Kelly Greens like Lucky Green & Envy

Fuschias & Dark Pinks like Dynamo Forward Fuscia

Purples & Lavenders like Thistle, Plum Dandy, & Grape Harvest

Neutralized Lavender like Concerto

These colors are to be accents and punches of color mixed among neutral white, grey, black & taupe. And the important factor to consider here is consistency. All neutrals must crisply coordinate (i.e. do not use different shades of black or white), and whether using one or multiple accent colors, they must also coordinate properly. And remember….simplicity, and even in elements of boldness there can be an air of simplicity. Do not over due it however. The bride(s) and groom(s) are the central focus and all things should point toward them.

Flowers to bring in this Fall’s colors

English Lavender




Which make beautiful clusters…


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