It’s about the style, not the tag.

GQ posted this spread in December 2009 featuring Joseph Gordon-Leavitt in well-designed, affordable clothing. Bottom line…I think we are all over paying $80 for a t-shirt. The days of splashing Abercrombie across our chests are over. Let’s think about actually creating fashionable looks for a comfortable price. I’m not saying that if you can afford to shop at places like Burberry and Hermès that you should stop — more power to you. However, for us average people, let us embrace stores like H&M, Forever 21, Uniqlo, & Topman, find vintage classics at consignment and Goodwill stores, and splurge only on timeless designer pieces that will last you. And if you have qualms with the “quality” of the inexpensive stuff… I’ve spent all kinds of money on name brand  designer shirts that have started to fall apart long before the “cheap” ones.

Here are the looks:


(1) And doesn’t Joseph Gordon-Leavitt make these look good?!

(2) Women seem to have figured this out much earlier than men, but no one is pointing any fingers.


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