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“be impolite”

…says Stephan Boublil of the apartment.

I saw Stephan lecture this evening, and had the opportunity to enjoy dinner with him as well.
He says he is always trying to tell a story. The goal in and reason for working with a client is for you to get to know what, how, and who they are and create a space, project, branding, film, etc. that conveys their story. Do this, and do it by being you.

In his impoliteness there is a great sense of consideration – real consideration.



Nov/Dec 2011 Issue |

Nov/Dec 2011 Issue |

IIDA NE Fashion Show 2011 – Boston Architectural College Entry

After hundreds of hours – blood, sweat, & tears –
the collection hit the runway.
What an incredible experience!

photos courtesy of Mikkel Strømstad

see the more here

BAC Student Lecture Series // Fall 2011 // Creative Processes

The lecture series is open to the entire design community.

Series hosted by ATELIER, Student Government at The Boston Architectural College


The Third & The Seventh

This short film pulls you in and through the details that are created by design.
Light, texture, & space. Beauty. I am amazed.

by Alex Roman

Dimensional Tiles by Heath Ceramics

The Dimensional Tile Collection is so dynamic and beautiful.
I can’t get enough of it!

See the full Dimensional Tile Collection

 The Heath Ceramics Story

The Green Life: Chartreuse


“I’ve read there are two types of ‘green’ people: those who prefer blue greens, and those who favor yellow greens such as chartreuse, lime, wasabi and acid green. Many children and teens love the idea of having a bright yellow-green room. Manufacturers are also using this color for products targeted toward a younger crowd. While chartreuse is definitely a youthful hue, I’m also seeing more of it in grown-up, contemporary spaces. I recently blogged about the appeal of yellow green and, while most people responded favorably, one reader described the color as ‘baby diaper green.’ That’s quite a description, and it certainly validates how personal experience factors into color preferences.”

An excerpt from Sherwin Williams – Stir | Living Style: Tertiary Hues by Kelly Porter

If you know me, you know that I love green (especially Chartreuse!)

Sept/Oct 2011 |

Sept/Oct 2011 |


Oslo Cafe

I love this little cafe across the street from the National Gallery in Oslo, Norway.